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Dr Robert Trengove

Director Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory

Murdoch University

South Street

Murdoch WA 6150

Ph +61 8 9360 7639

email: r.trengove@murdoch.edu.au


27th-30th of June, Cairns, Australia



Metabolomics Australia and Seperation Science & Metabolomics Laboratory 

Murdoch University

Murdoch Australia

Bruker Chemical and Applied Markets

Fremont, CA

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Minimising false positives and false negatives in residue screening of grains and oil seeds: use of matrix matched standards and their impact on LODs.


Presentation Contributers


Bruce Peebles

Katherine Rousetty

Felician Muntean

Steven Schachterle

Chris Kellog

Patrick Jeanville

Robert Treng